SLCM has successfully demonstrated that by using the proprietary SOP of which Patent is pending under the aegis of AGRI REACH, the post harvest losses can be reduced drastically.AGRI REACH is the defined process for the warehouse management by which multi-location and multi-layered operations are managed by a team of qualified experts based out of the Corporate Office of the company.

The company imparts high quality modern warehousing services with real-time MIS for efficient tracking to the entire agri community . SLCM provides Real Time MIS across India with a data turnaround time of less than five minutes and an alert facility akin to a card swipe. We have equipped Audit inspectors with GPS enabled devices for real time reporting and information flow. The company has integrated a biometric hand-held device at its locations. This device is a smart portable system that is configured to track the record of the data inventory and communicate the same to the client on real-time basis.

This handheld device plays multiple roles:

  • Data management in warehouse and real time capturing of data in SAP with real time reporting and controls

  • Facilitates digital signature and cuts down turnaround time

  • Configured to communicate to the MIS database kept at a remote location

  • Configured to fire SMS to the client upon validation of the data by the main database

This handheld device plays multiple roles:

  • SLCM has been able to link operations which are multi-located with its central servers over a wireless network without compromising on the integrity of data through its innovative use of technology.We are at the helm of innovation in the country by constantly bringing the world class practices to the industry & evolving ground-breaking ways in the warehousing domain.In the first year of its operation, SLCM brought "Bar Coded" storage receipts in practice that eliminated the risk of Fraud.

    Few Significant Initiatives are:-

  • Implementation of SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing)

  • Online Monitoring of Cold Storage - SLCM has installed devices for monitoring temperature & Humidity within the cold storage unit. It gives the accurate & real-time information about the temperature & humidity level at the warehouse.