• World-Class Facility
  • 24x7 Service
  • Strategic Locations
  • Cost Efficient
  • Flexible to client requirement
  • SAP Enabled Technology
  • Patent Pending - "AGRI REACH"
  • Real Time Updates of Stock
  • Collateral Finance Facility for Agro commodities

Risk Mitigation

The steps were initiated to automate the entire supply for an error free system & processes. SOPs were clearly defined & "Maker & Checker" was defined in each & every process. Risk Mitigation Strategy is clearly defined & strictly adhered at each level. Any deviation from the process is addressed immediately without any fail. Customized SAP solution was implemented in the entire value chain to achieve accurate & timely information to attain operational efficiency.


  • SAP Implementation integrated with Internal Audits
  • Audit inspectors were equipped with GPS enabled devices for real time reporting and information flow
  • Biometric hand-held device were launched at most of the locations to track the record of the data inventory and communicate the same to the client on real-time basis
There are several benefits to clients like Stock Updates, Stock Transfers, Arrange Stock Pick ups, Stock Safety. It also automated the inward & outward method of warehouse data management. We also integrated the crop report for quality control in each warehouse & seal record for internal audits. It further helped us in achieving the following:

  • Scalability: This solution enabled SLCM to start its operations in any warehouse irrespective of infrastructure & the crop within two days TAT.

  • Improved Reporting: It improved the reporting system for efficient control as it was imperative because the "Value at Risk" is very high. Reporting followed an automated template system that allowed various departments to access information seamlessly.

  • Data Quality: It is the biggest challenge of the sector that the available data is inaccurate & incomplete. With these technological innovations, we had access to real-time & accurate data to control the quantity & quality of the commodities. It enabled the company to reduce post harvest losses to 0.5% from the industry average of 10% of the agri produce in the entire supply chain. It was also accredited by FICCI after a detailed study conducted by eminent team. You may refer to the study in Awards & Accolades Section of our website.

  • Better Supply Chain: The control over post harvest losses was achieved only through the available real time information about the moisture content, fumigation requirement, Aeration check of the crop. Such operational excellence has not been derived by any other player in the sector.

  • Operational Excellency & Reduced Complexity: With these solutions, the company was able to minimize / remove errors from the entire value chain as it was automated. The chances of error became minimal & made the entire workforce more efficient.

    Apart from having in-house Quality Testing Labs, SLCM also provides an option to its clients to use third party for quality testing. We have partnered with few labs till date on request by our valued clients.