• World-Class Facility
  • 24x7 Service
  • Strategic Locations
  • Cost Efficient
  • Flexible to client requirement
  • SAP Enabled Technology
  • Patent Pending - "AGRI REACH"
  • Real Time Updates of Stock
  • Collateral Finance Facility for Agro commodities



North End Foods Marketing Private Limited (NEFM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of SLCM. The company handles more than 165 agriculture commodities across India. NEFM has been working on commission-based revenue model with its clients. The company has expertise in direct procurement from Farmers, Processors, Govt. bodies & Traders. NEFM assists its clients in procurement from Mandis and directly from farmers. It has been handling essential commodities like Wheat, Paddy, Potatoes, Maize, Pulses, Mentha, Soya, Guar, Spices, Cotton, etc. with scientific warehousing practices.

Kissan Dhan

  • Barabanki
  • Chandausi
  • Sri Ganga Nagar
  • Jaipur
  • Indore
  • Ganj Basoda
  • Nizamabad
  • Delhi
  • Kadhi
  • Bikaner