• World-Class Facility
  • 24x7 Service
  • Strategic Locations
  • Cost Efficient
  • Flexible to client requirement
  • SAP Enabled Technology
  • Patent Pending - "AGRI REACH"
  • Real Time Updates of Stock
  • Collateral Finance Facility for Agro commodities

Our History


  • Kissandhan disbursed Agri Loans worth Rs. 772.65 Cr. till Jan 2017
  • Kissandhan disbursed Rs 47.73 crore agri-loans in six states in February 2017
  • SLCM Group facilitates $25.75 mn loan disbursement in Myanmar through Collateral Financing
  • Incofin & ResponsAbility invests $20 Million in Sohan Lal Commodity Management
  • Kissandhan loan facilities extended to Narela Mandi in Delhi, Latur Mandi in Maharashtra and Bikaner Mandi in Rajasthan


  • SLCM Ltd. tied-up with 5 banks in Myanmar
  • SLCM Ltd. Myanmar started Agri Financing service under ‘AGRI REACH’


  • Group’s Central Laboratory got accredited from NABL to certify tests and data in commodity segment which will be acceptable in 64 nations across the globe
  • Received funding from Creation Investments Capital Management
  • Myanmar WOS ties-up with three Leading Banks for Collateral Financing
  • The Group got licensed by Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperation, Govt. of India to carry out Fumigation Services
  • Ties up with NMCE


  • Commercialized Kissandhan which is already expanded to 8 locations across India, created loan book of entire capital and syndicated debt in a short time of only 6 months. Only warehouse integrated NBFC Company in the country to offer warehouse receipt finance exclusively to the agriculture
  • SLCM Myanmar commercialized
  • Tie up with ACE


  • Initated Myanmar, completed study for the NBFC
  • Completed hand held device integration for seamless data transfer


  • Received funding from Everstone and Emerging India Fund ( ICICI Bank )
  • Incubated NBFC, ramping up warehouse volumes and gearng towards CM with banks


  • Received funding from Mayfield fund
  • 1st Warehouse company in the world to implement SAP based ERP system
  • Initiated quality systems across all locations simultaeously using mobile lab platform


  • Received funding from Nexus ventures Partners
  • Becomes the largest warehousing service provider for PEC for pulses in India
  • Initiated SAP Bankend

2004 - 2009

  • Initiated issuing bar coded warehouse receipt
  • Started providing services to large agri-traders like cargill, Louis Dreyfus, etc.
  • Started storage of mentha oil
  • Warehouse receipts issued by SLCM got recoginition for bank finance
  • SLCM becomes the first service provider to MCX for agri commodities
  • Focus on warehousing of agri-commodities