SLCM since its inception in 2009 has defined and implemented systems and scientific processes which are making agriculture logistics independent of infrastructure and agnostic to geographical location irrespective of the crop.

Headquartered in New Delhi, SLCM commands presence across India covering more than 22 states by managing more than 16500+ Locations (Warehouse Network), 36+ Cold Storages, and 350+ Million Sq. Ft. of Area and a Throughput of more than 4,700+ MMT.

Expanding SLCM operations, SLCM Ltd. was established in Yangon region of Myanmar in April, 2014. SLCM Ltd. Myanmar is managing a network of more than 320+ Industrial Zones and managing more than 9 Million Sq. Ft. of Area by handling more than 1450+ commodities and Throughput of more than 11.81 MMT. Warehousing Services can be broadly classified into categories mentioned here under.

Our Warehouse Services

Professional Warehousing

We take charge of the complete warehouse or its chambers / area on lease / long lease basis and offer the space to different clients for storage of various commodities. The rates and other terms & conditions are mutually agreed upon between SLCM & the customer through an agreement.

Exchange Warehousing

In this kind of warehousing service, commodities traded over Exchanges which are stored in SLCM warehouses as per the agreed terms through an agreement between Commodity Exchanges and SLCM. However, the rates for warehousing are declared by the commodity exchanges through circulars time to time.

Warehousing Management Services (WMS)

Customer approaches SLCM to provide Warehouse Management Service for their commodities located at their (owned or leased) warehouse. SLCM provides a package of services that includes stock management and deployment of manpower for managing the customer’s commodities at their warehouse. The terms & conditions are mutually agreed upon between the two parties.

PEG Warehousing Services

Warehouse Owners approach SLCM to provide Warehouse Management Service for the commodities pertaining to State/Central Government. Such warehouses are accredited by the State/ Central Government under Private Entrepreneurs Guarantee (PEG) Schemes. This in turn, empowers SLCM to manage stocks for the government indirectly. The rate and period of service is as agreed upon through an agreement between SLCM and Warehouse Owner.

Warehousing for Organic Products

We have also initiated warehousing and allied services in the organic sector. The challenge with organic storage is that the product can’t be treated with normal fumigation. To maintain the longevity of the product life, it is imperative that the processes are aligned with organic stature of the product.

SLCM has evolved this service for more than 40 varieties of dry food products such as grains, cereals and spices, condiment, etc. across its network of operations. Exporters who are certified by the world’s best agencies like USDA Organic, India Organic, and Fair Trade & Kosher have shown their trust in SLCM for the upkeep of their organic product.

Cocoon Fumigation:

SLCM provides curative services for organic products and has introduced ‘Cocoon Fumigation’. This storage system can be used for medium and long term storage needs and eliminate the use of fumigants or chemicals. This system is recommended to control insect infestation and humidity, which can lead to change in chemical composition, taste, colour and mould that tend to spoil the commodity. SLCM offers fumigation services at a minimal cost and assures the quantity and quality of organic goods stored in its warehouses.

Warehousing for Horticulture

Along with proving it’s competency for dry goods commodities, SLCM has initiated warehousing services for horticulture sector. The post-harvest loses in the sector are as high as 30% to 40% of the produce. Till date, SLCM has taken over managements of more than 36 Cold Storages across India. Bringing revolution in the horticulture sector, SLCM introduced real time online monitoring of quality of the commodity and has implemented online technology for monitoring temperature and humidity within the cold storage area.

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SLCM Group – Scale of Operations

Presence across 22 states in India.

  • Headquartered in New Delhi:

    • Managing 16500+ Locations

    • 36+ Cold Storages

    • 350+ Million Sq. Ft. Area

    • Throughput 4,700+ MMT

  • 1,100+ Functional Mandis in India

    • SLCM has access to 950+ Mandis

    • SMCL Group enabled to manage 1000+ Agri Commodities

  • SLCM Ltd. In Myanmar:

    • Managing 320++ Industrial Zones

    • 9 Million Sq. Ft. Area

    • Handling 1420 commodities

    • Throughput of 11.83 MMT